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A clothing suit is a uniformly patterned set of clothes. They are designed to be worn with a collared dress shirt and necktie. They are also worn with dress shoes. In Western dress codes, they are considered informal wear. If you’re wearing a clothing suit, it’s important to understand what it’s made of. Blazers: Blazers have a notched lapel, flap or patch pockets, and a single or double-breasted closure. They were originally worn by sailors and look best in dark or navy blue. Blazers are often made from worsted wool. Touches of gold are common. Pants: The bottom of men’s pants should end at their shoes. There are three main styles: no break, half-break, or full-break. The smaller break signifies a conservative suit while a larger break signals a casual suit. However, most off-the-rack suits have an unfinished hem. Tailors: Tailors are your friends when it comes to fixing a…

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